Polygon Completes Hard Fork to Reduce Gas Fee Spikes, Disruptive Reorgs

The software upgrade to the Ethereum scaling project went live on Tuesday and included two proposals from December that Polygon validator teams voted to approve.

Polygon, an Ethereum scaling project, successfully completed a hard fork designed to reduce instances of spiking gas fees and disruptive chain reorganizations known as “reorgs.”

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The software upgrade occurred at 10:45 UTC (5:45 a.m. ET) on Jan. 17, according to a tweet from the lead company behind the project, Polygon Labs.

The two proposals included in the hard fork were put forth in December. Some 87% of Polygon validator teams that participated voted for approval. Only 15 validator teams took part in the voting process, which is extremely low given the number of active validators at a time is limited to 100.

The first proposal adjusted a mechanism that sets gas fees – a kind of tax one pays in order to transact on the blockchain. The new mechanism aims to keep gas prices low when there is a lot of activity on the network.