Global Meta Media Consortium℠ Aka-G2MC is an amalgamation of crypto and metaverse media sites which embrace decentralized, anonymous, permissionless statues of which was envisioned with the introductory release of Bitcoin (BTC, ฿, ₿) blockchain ledger technology.

In July 2010, bitcoin began trading at US$0.0008, climbing to US$0.08 by month’s end

We are participating and ushering in a long-awaited, long overdue era of monetary reconstruction.

-Global Meta Media Consortium℠

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Our Purpose

Media members of the G2MC monitor, transcribe, and decrypt government policy which monetary institutions purposely interrupt, deter, encrypt and legislate in an orchestrated unison to diffuse positive and progressive effects inherited from cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

The latest barrage from the Biden administration (regime) is the salvo attack on stablecoins by front-line bank lobby protector Gary Gensler. This new attack strategy is rightfully named Operation Choke Point 2.0.

These newly developed monetary roundabouts by the old guard will be short-lived just as prohibition, women’s suffrage, the Soviet Union, Jim Crow (Jim Crow Esquire) and other government ratified impositions.

Franchisable Monetary Policy

The system of which monetary policy defines fiat has historically exploited and manipulated the global populous. Tyrants and criminal mindsets created wealth for the few while holding the vast majority of global citizens as economic slaves. The big bank lobby influences policy favoring top cross-border layers of cooperative fiat-based institutions, essentially creating “franchisee monetary policy”.

Media moguls around the world benefit from the current fiat systems and collaborate globally to corral populations with biased news, fake news and gas lighting propaganda.

Government agencies globally are exerting enormous resources aimed at maintaining legacy fiat forms of the old world. Old boy systems of wealth management create limits to slow new generational wealth transfer and creation.

G2MC maintains that the world is changing in many ways, which includes the future in assigning value and transacting business on newly imagined and emerging mediums of exchange.

Fiat Legacy of Money Laundering

Government agencies around the globe argue crypto is used to launder illegal activities. Crypto has been active for less than a decade, while legacy fiat monetary instruments and institutions have over 1000 years of money laundering through crime-infested societies.

The United States alone was established through illegal activity such as self-imposed laws of prohibition, morally bankrupt institutional slavery, and the POTUS#40Ronald Reagan turned a blind eye to guns for drugs state-backed operations.

“Once you set up a covert operation to supply arms and money, it’s very difficult to separate it from the kind of people who are involved in other forms of trade, and especially drugs. There is a limited number of planes, pilots and landing strips. By developing a system for supply of the Contras, the US built a road for drug supply into the US.”

-Former contract analyst for the CIA David MacMichael

A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is an emerging form of legal structure that has no central governing body and whose members share a common goal to act in the best interest of the entity. Popularized through cryptocurrency enthusiasts and blockchain technology, DAOs are used to make decisions in a bottom-up management approach.

-Former contract analyst for the CIA David MacMichael

This crypto media consortium has been organized for the sole purpose of being crypto and blockchain technology advocates.

We do not expect to be embraced by oligarchies who historically are beneficiaries of a highly flawed and biased global fiat system. Some of those who benefit include, but are not limited to are Twitter, Facebook companies, Amazon, Microsoft, Berkshire Hathaway, BOA (Bank of America), Lloyd’s of London, BlackRock, and others.

We don’t expect the current banking moguls to be of any assistance to our growth because of our mission to support crypto-fundamentals. The future is now, leaving behind the days of arithmetic to forward-thinking smart contract problem solving.

In order for crypto to remain earnest to its coding origins, untainted entities such as the members of this consortium need support to uncover destructive, self-serving agendas and the only way that will occur is through support from the crypto community.

G2MC needs financial support through contributions of Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, and Matic coins/tokens.

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Currently Global Meta Media Consortium membership include:
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-Global Meta Media Consortium℠

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