Tornado Cash Dev’s Criminal Case in Europe May Hinge on Laptop Access

Dutch prosecutors now have access to Alexey Pertsev’s computer, and are using it to probe key details, like governance and profit-making at the privacy service.

Dutch prosecutors investigating Tornado Cash developer Alexey Pertsev have recently gained access to his laptop, and are now using the data to probe key features of the case, like whether he personally profited from the privacy service.

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An otherwise largely procedural hearing held Wednesday – which left Pertsev languishing in a Dutch jail as he awaits a full trial – revealed prosecutors are beginning to make inroads into a controversial case that has drawn criticism from the crypto community.

The Dutch government says Pertsev is guilty of money laundering for contributing to the privacy protocol, which the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control says has been used to process funds for the North Korean missile program. Pertsev denies those charges, and some worry the case effectively criminalizes writing open-source code.

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